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A Conversation with Leandrit Mehmeti and Branislav Radeljic, Co-Editors of Kosovo and Serbia: Contested Options and Shared Consequences

Leandrit Mehmeti and Branislav Radeljic Co-editors of Kosovo and Serbia: Contested Options and Shared Consequences (Pittsburgh, PA: Pittsburgh University Press, 2016)   Do you think that the series of provocative events since October/November 2014 in Serbia (namely the flag incident during the Serbia-Albania football match, the controversial visit of Albania’s…


Balkanist Recommends “Bourgeois Scum: NGOs in Kosovo”

Every now and again we come across something written by an anonymous author on Medium that we feel we must share with our readers. This piece, “Bourgeois Scum: NGOs in Kosovo” signed by one “Shashalin A.” fits that criteria. In a time defined in large part by the steady depletion of honesty,…


The Last Jews of Zakarpattia

To commemorate this weekend’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, János Chialá and Tali Mayer report from Zakarpattia in southwestern Ukraine, where they met some of the region’s last remaining Jews. The Ukrainian region of Zakarpattia has always been somewhat of a borderland, and one that often exchanged hands as borders shifted around it: in the last…


Non-Aligned Modernity: Eastern-European Art and Archives from the Marinko Sudac Collection

Non-Aligned Modernity: Eastern-European Art and Archives from the Marinko Sudac Collection Curator: Marco Scotini, in collaboration with Andris Brinkmanis and Lorenzo Paini FM Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea, Milan, Italy | Exhibition ends 23 December 2016 In 1961, strange messages began arriving in the mail at addresses across Zagreb. A mysterious…


“My Husband was Arrested After the Coup Attempt in Turkey”

One woman tells the story of her husband’s arrest and ongoing detainment following the coup attempt in Turkey.  This is the story of one of the many arrests made in Turkey following the coup attempt of July 15th. It’s also the story of how the aftermath of the coup attempt has irreparably…


On War, Language and Intergenerational Trauma: A Conversation with Damir Avdagic

How is war trauma passed down through language, the body, and the family? Gelare Khoshgozaran of spoke with artist Damir Avdagic about his recent work, which tackles this very subject. Wars never end in the past. A ceasefire is never the end to the war, no matter how much further destruction it…