The latest analysis from the Balkans and everything to its East.

Crisis Along the Balkan Route: The Refugee Identity Under Threat

Following the closure of the ‘official’ Balkan migration route, humanitarian actors working on the ground have been forced to fill the gaps in refugee protection needs, as international organizations, NGOs, and refugees have found themselves at odds with the sovereign prerogative of states. Jelena Djuric and Silviu Kondan take a closer look at the situation…


Aćif Hadžiahmetović and the Persistence of History: Rehabilitation and the Search for National Heroes

The ongoing debate over the rehabilitation of controversial Yugoslav World War II figures continues this year, this time in Kosovo. Earlier this month, a Kosovo-based NGO submitted a request to the President of Kosovo to recognize wartime Mayor of Novi Pazar Aćif Hadžiahmetović as a national hero. On February 6, the recently…


Romanian Prison Poetry: How Books Bail out Corrupt Politicians

Behind bars, many prominent Romanian inmates discover the pen. Not in the name of science and art – but in their own interest. Because inmates who write books can hope for an early release. The Romanian justice system has prepared two pieces of news for the political officials of the…


Cleaning Up the Flotsam and Jetsam: Corruption at Odessa’s Ports

Nikolai Holmov on new attempts to clean up Odessa’s fantastically corrupt ports, and interference from certain powerful elements in Kyiv. The arrival of Mikhail Saakashvili as Odessa Governor meant the inevitable clash between the vested and entrenched interests in Odessa against his political will and reformist pedigree. That in turn…


Political Propaganda on TV Prva: Superminister Vučić’s Sisyphean Day

Introducing the television show “A Day with the Prime Minister” on TV Prva, about the “average working day” of Serbian premier Aleksandar Vučić, in which the country’s superman leader solves all of Serbia’s problems.  Serbia has achieved yet another unbelievable feat: it’s thought up the newest TV format — something between…