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Op-Ed: The Perfect Storm

The trafficking of men and women—whether for forced labour, or sexual exploitation—continues to haunt Albania. Why have successive governments failed to solve the problem?    In 2001, Daniel Renton—writing for Save the Children[1]—mapped the trend of human trafficking in Albania. Other charities across Europe had noted the cases of Albanian…


The Rise and Fall of Yugoslavia’s Peace and Porn Hotel

The grandiose vision of a multi-millionaire porn mogul from Brooklyn, the Haludovo Palace Hotel on the Croatian island of Krk was the most opulent and debauched in the communist world. These days, however, it’s a sprawling ruin in an advanced state of decay, a casualty of “transition”, and a piss-poor…

Bulgravia's flag. (Áron Birtalan/

The Church of Scientology Wanted a Balkan Holy Land

Inside the Church of Scientology’s secret (and aborted) mission to bring several Balkan countries under its dominion When it comes to the Church of Scientology, no fiction could ever trump reality in terms of sheer bizarreness. Perhaps nowhere is this fact more evident than in the revelation that the church…